Market Forge Modular Direct Connected Steam Jacketed Kettle

Item #: Z-MF-MT-10T10


Market Forge MT-6 and MT-10 Tilting Steam Jacketed Kettles are mounted on a modular stainless steel cabinet. Double wall construction around the lower half of the kettle forms a surrounding chamber in which steam is introduced as a source of heat for cooking. Steam input plumbing is equipped with a manual control valve. Condensate is removed through a steam trap connecting with the kettle drain plumbing assembly. A swing nozzle, hot-cold combination faucet provides a source of water for addition to the kettle for cooking and cleaning. The 6 gallon kettle is mounted in a trunnion assembly to the modular cabinet top. The trunnion pivots include steam input and return connections for the kettle. Kettle tilting is accomplished manually by moving the handle fixed to the rim so as to rotate the kettle in a trunnion. MT-10T10 Two 10 gallon kettle mounted side by side on an 36 inches 914mm wide cabinet base equipped for direct connection to a remote steam source.

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