Market Forge Sterilizer - Adjustable Temperature w/stand

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  1. It is a single self sealing hinged door, cabinet enclosed unit.
  2. The sterilization cycle is fully automatic.  Time controlled and has a built in temperature control 250f (121c).  
  3. Temperature is adjustable to be set between 230-250f range.
  4. Control panel is located on top from.  Very easy to to get to and use.
  5. Pressure is exhaust automatically and fast.  The power to the autoclave will be shut down at the end of the cycle.
  6. Slow exhaust can be selected for sterilizing liquids.
  7. Industrial water can be used.  The heater is located on the bottom of the sterilizer which generate its owen steam
  8. The chamber dimensions are 16" dia x 26" deep, and it is a cylinder, 3/16" wall welded aluminum.  The exterior of the sterilizer is made out of stainless steel and it is polished.  Cubic content is 5220 cubic inches.
  9. The sterilizing compartment has the capacity of:
    1. 3 12" x 20" x 2 1/2" or
    2. 2 12" x 20" 4" or
    3. 1 12" 20" x 20" 6"
  10. Condenser coil (pn MZZ100705) is an option.

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