MLS-Series 75L In-Lab Top-Loading Autoclaves



  1. High pressure autoclaves are the most popular method of sterilization used in today's laboratories. 
  2. Autoclaves are used in a wide variety of applications including: 
    1. Culture media preparation 
    2. Labware sterilization & 
    3. Waste sterilization 
  3. The importance of sterilization is essential to good laboratory practice, particularly in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories. 
  4. Of all sterilization methods, high pressure steam (autoclave) is the most widely used because of its efficacy, speed and reliability. 
  5. SANYO MLS-Series top-loading autoclaves provide a safe, reliable high pressure steam sterilizing environment within a self-contained unit that is particularly easy to use. 
  6. These reliable, energy saving autoclaves are ideal for a wide range of applications. 
  7. This sterilizer has been DISCONTINUED

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