All American Sterilizer 50X - 120V

Item #: Z-WISC-50X-N


  1. The sterilizer that requires no maintenance. 
  2. Just add water, and run it. 
  3. All-American Sterilizers make it possible for all doctors, dentists, first aid stations, hospitals and laboratories to have dependable sterilization facilities in a portable unit at an extremely low cost. 
  4. Using only a small amount of water, it's only a matter of minutes to dry sterile dressings and instruments, with all bacteria and micro-organisms destroyed. 
  5. At a temperature of 250F at 15 PSI, the dry steam makes bandages and instruments sterile and ready for immediate use.
  6. No chemical residue or moisture to remove, and cutting edges are not dulled. 
  7. All-American Sterilizers are made of high quality cast aluminum alloy, with all the special features of the famous All-American Pressure Canners. 
  8. The metal-to-metal seal eliminates all rubber gaskets. 
  9. As a safety feature, clamping locks prevent removal of the cover while pressure is present. 
  10. An accurate pressure gauge, pressure control valve, over-pressure safety plug, and cool bakelite handle and wing nuts are all thoroughly tested features that assure safe operation with a minimum of attention. 
  11. The model 50X has a 1650 watt heating element, compared to the Model 25X which has a 1050 watt heating element. 
  12. This increased heating capacity means that the units will get up to operating temperature far quicker than the 25X. 
  13. The Model 50X has all new electrical controls and the thermostat is designed to hold a much tighter operating band over the 25X. 
  14. Therefore, there will be less variation as the thermostat turns the heating element on and off to maintain a certain level of heat. 
  15. Furthermore, the 50X includes a mechanical timing device on the control box. 
  16. All in all, the 50X offers added value and greater capacity.

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